Growing Certified Organic food in GardenSoxx

Go organic overnight, no 3-year waiting period. Many organic growers have to wait three years when moving fields or transferring property to re purpose for growing organically. The three year period is to allow formerly applied pesticides a chance to dissipate and biodegrade. Some farms have been successful using GardenSoxx to make a faster transition because the soil is not used (weed barriers are placed over existing soil) therefore they can grow the first year and still claim organic certification. Each state has slightly differing regulations, however, inputs allows for organic certified produce include polypropylene (weed mat and GardenSoxx), Compost from leaf and yard debris, animal wastes, or food wastes. These are listed within the NOP for inputs that are required to be tracked by growers to obtain organic certification.

Check with your local inspectors first, and inform them of the system you intend to use and refer them to our tech support section on our website if they have questions or have them contact us. Just like pots, trays, liners, drip irrigation line, and weed block are allowed for use in organic farms, GardenSoxx checks all the acceptable boxes to be used.

    • Reusability – double recycling – use GardenSoxx for 2-3 years then dump contents out as a topdress for your perennial beds or add to your deep beds where you grow carrots, potatoes, beets, and other deep rooted crops. 
    • Grow on any surface – you certainly cannot use soil on blacktop!! Rooftop gardens are also popular especially in heavily urbanized areas. Gardens for restaurants are starting to be more common with GardenSoxx as an option. Grow on gravel, blacktop, concrete, or just poor soil.
      • No rototilling! 😊 perhaps the greatest pain in the &*%#! In the world is borrowing a rototiller to till in good compost and then find the garden overtaken with weeds mid-summer. GardenSoxx do not need a rototiller.
        • Creates a natural raised bed – raised bed gardening has been popular for decades because raised beds reduce waterlogging and increase air to the roots. GardenSoxx create this naturally. If you want to add a decorative border, many are available but some people prefer to simply have the GardenSoxx as the raised bed garden alone.
            • Better nutrient turnover – Organic nutrients like Nitrogen become plant available through what is called the Nitrogen cycle. This process uses soil microbes, heat, and Oxygen to convert organic N to plant available N ON A DAILY BASIS. This means a constant feeding of your plants while weather is warm enough for the microbes to be active. Compost also holds onto nutrients better due to a high cation exchange capacity, a type of magnetic charge that holds nutrients in the root zone until plants can use them. So any fertilizer you add will be more effectively used by your plants in GardenSoxx filled with quality compost.