If you choose to grow only one thing in your garden, let it be lettuce. This versatile green is part of the Asteraceae Family and comes in many different varieties, all equally delicious. Best of all, it is easy to grow even for beginners, and just a few plants can provide you with an abundant harvest all season long.

Lettuce is obviously great as a base for a salad, but there are plenty of other ways to enjoy it. Some varieties can be cooked or grilled, stuffed to make lettuce wraps, thrown into a soup or a stirfry, or as a crispy base for fancy hors-d’oeuvres. Lettuce has a high water content, making it a very hydrating food, and its Vitamin A content supports skin and bone health. As prices of lettuce skyrocket in grocery stores, growing it yourself is not only great for your health but also your budget.

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Growing lettuce in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Asteraceae


Nutritional Information For Lettuce

Nutritional Facts - per 100/g

Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 15 -
Total Fat 0.2 g -
Sodium 28 mg -
Potassium 194 mg -
Dietary Fiber 1.3 g -
Sugar 0.8 g -
Protein 1.4 g -
Vitamin C - 15%
Iron - 4%
Calcium - 3%


How to Grow Lettuce in Your GardenSoxx®

As lettuce is pretty quick to grow, you can sow seeds directly outdoors once the risk of frost has passed. You can sow seeds every 2-3 weeks in order to have a continuous harvest. Lettuce does well in full sun, while there are a few varieties that prefer a bit of shade. It should be watered often to make sure the soil remains moist.

Lettuce Seed to Harvest Time:  30-60 Days

lettuce planting guide

How to Harvest Lettuce

Harvest lettuce by cutting leaves at the base, starting with the outer, larger leaves. You can also cut off the whole head of lettuce, leaving the base and roots in the ground for it to regrow. For maximum flavor and tenderness, harvest before the lettuce gets too big or begins to grow upward and bolt.


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