Copy of What are GardenSoxx?

A Smarter Pot for your Plants

GardenSoxx® is an innovative gardening container made of a patented mesh fabric that you fill with high-quality compost (sold separately) to provide an ideal, weed-free growing environment. GardenSoxx mesh provides optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system, and a more productive garden.


The patented mesh allows excess water to drain away while improving the flow of oxygen to plants' roots. This additional air flow also helps to cool the root zone in hot weather, improving growth.

When roots reach the edge of the fabric pot they naturally prune themselves off, stimulating new growth elsewhere in the root system. These new young roots are responsible for most of the plants' growth.

More roots in more nutrient-rich soil means you can grow more plants per square foot than with traditional raised bed gardening. GardenSoxx can be planted using Square Foot Gardening spacing recommendations.

Garden Kits

Made in USA


GardenSoxx can easily be filled with local bagged/bulk compost, or bagged/bulk planting mix. We recommend using a composted media from 100% composted green waste. Compost is an extremely nutrient-rich media that acts like a natural sponge to absorb a huge volume of water as compared to topsoil.

GardenSoxx are available in kits perfect for backyard gardens, community gardens, raised bed gardening, landscaping, and more.

GardenSoxx raised bed gardening drawing how to garden