How To

Simple steps to a productive GardenSoxx garden.

Unlike conventional gardening, GardenSoxx require little to no prep work and are easy to install. Create lavish, productive gardens for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers anywhere. Follow our simple steps to get started.

GardenSoxx backyard garden

How to Fill

Simply purchase a GardenSoxx kit with an EZ Filler. Add your local compost media to fill your GardenSoxx. Make them any length you'd like!

How to Irrigate

Unlike potted plants, raised bed structures, or an in ground garden, GardenSoxx are nearly impossible to over water. Learn how much and how often to water GardenSoxx.

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How to Plant

GardenSoxx mesh technology makes planting easy. Plant plugs, seeds, or bare root plants following standard planting principles and our planting guide.

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GardenSoxx planting a backyard garden

How to Reuse

GardenSoxx can be used for annual and perennial plants. Learn how to reuse and care for GardenSoxx during winter months.

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GardenSoxx reusable garden container