How to Fill

The GardenSoxx EZ Filler is a simple method for filling GardenSoxx mesh in short lengths. Simple to use, especially for children, this makes school and home projects go smoothly. Have a compost mix, potting soil or growing medium you already like? Use any bagged or bulk media to fill your own GardenSoxx. Add a drip irrigation kit for a complete garden, ready to plant!

How much media will I need?

  1. Cut GardenSoxx mesh to desired length, including enough mesh to close the GardenSoxx.
    - Note: A knot requires 6 inches of mesh
    - If using knots, 3 feet of mesh creates a 2-foot GardenSoxx
  2. Close one end of the mesh with a knot or a zip tie.
  3. Pull the open end of the mesh over the bottom of the EZ Filler.
  4. Fill the EZ Filler with compost or soil.
  5. Lift the EZ Filler slightly, allowing soil to fall into the closed end of the mesh. Continue until mesh is almost full (leave enough mesh to close the GardenSoxx.)
  6. Remove the EZ Filler from the mesh, and close mesh with a knot or zip tie.

Tip: Lay the filled GardenSoxx on the ground with the closures on the sides; roll the GardenSoxx back and forth to create a log shape, as pictured above.