How to Irrigate

Take the guesswork out of watering with GardenSoxx.

Water is an important transport medium that allows nutrients to travel from soil to the plant cell. It can be a challenge to determine the exact needs of a plant. Insufficient and excessive watering are the most common reasons a plant might fail despite what seems ideal conditions and care. Under watering inhibits nutrient intake causing the plant to dehydrate. Over watering can reduce oxygen supply and promote pest or mold issues. GardenSoxx provide superior aeration making it difficult to over water.

GardenSoxx Watering Tips

It is important to water GardenSoxx thoroughly and often because compost needs moisture to ensure that the microorganisms that provide nutrients are staying alive. GardenSoxx can easily be watered with a Drip Irrigation Kit, Rain Barrel Reservoir, watering can or hose.

  • Apply water directly to the GardenSoxx.
  • Water in the morning or evening to avoid evaporation.
  • We recommend a half-gallon of water per day for every 2' of GardenSoxx, but can vary by climate.


Water GardenSoxx easily and efficiently with our Drip Irrigation Kit.

Drip irrigation is a series of connection tees and drip tape that slowly delivers water to the GardenSoxx®. The system efficiently maintains the moisture content of the Filtrexx® GrowingMedia™ or compost, while reducing water usage, soil evaporation and surface runoff.

Suggested Drip Irrigation Configurations

One Row:

GardenSoxx drip irrigation one row

Four Rows:

GardenSoxx drip irrigation four rows

Step 1: Cut off a 1” piece of Drip Tape making a clean, straight cut. Do not discard cut piece.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Cutting End

Step 2: Fold the last 4” of Drip Tape in half lengthwise.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Folding End

Step 3: Fold the Drip Tape back on itself twice in 1” increments and slide the 1” cut piece over the folded end of the Drip Tape like a sleeve to close the end of the tape.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Folding End

Step 4: Slightly depress a groove in the top of each GardenSoxx along the top where the Drip Tape will go.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Make Groove

Step 5: Cut a 1” hole in the first GardenSoxx of the row based on the desired configuration.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Cut Hole at End

Step 6:  Feed the Drip Tape from the cut hole and along the groove, with the drip holes (on some models this is the side with blue stripes) facing down.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Feed Tape In

Step 7: If the tape stops while feeding, do not force it. Cut a new 1” hole where the tape has stopped and continue feeding from this spot.

Step 8: Cut a 1” hole at the end of the GardenSoxx and pull the drip tape through. Repeat steps 4-8 until you reach the end of the row.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Cut Hole at End

Step 9: Cut the tail end of the Drip Tape and connect to Tees/Elbows in the desired configuration by sliding Drip Tape fully onto the nozzle and tightening the spin lock.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Add Fittings

Step 10: Once all the rows in the desired configuration are complete, connect the Drip Tape to the Hose Connection by sliding the Drip Tape fully onto the nozzle and tightening the spin lock.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Add Pressure Reducer

Step 11: Connect the Pressure Reducer to the Hose Connection. Connect to hose and slowly turn on the water to prevent over pressurizing.

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Add Pressure Reducer

GardenSoxx Drip Irrigation Add Hose

Harvest the rain and reduce costs with a rain barrel.

A rain barrel is a low-cost water conservation device used to collect and store rain water. Rain barrels store and divert runoff from impervious surfaces and reduce the undesirable impacts of runoff that would otherwise flow into sensitive receiving waters. Municipal water contains chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals that can cause an imbalance in growing media. Even well water contains iron and other minerals that can also build up and harm sensitive plants. Rainwater does not contain the same additives found in tap water, resulting in healthier plants.


  • Elevate the rain barrel to provide sufficient water pressure.
  • A five-gallon bucket elevated 30” and connected to drip irrigation (without pressure reducer) provides a 40-minute drip throughout a 4’ x 8’ garden.
  • For best results, monitor water daily, especially in hot, dry weather.