Why Grow in GardenSoxx

GardenSoxx provides ideal growing conditions and unlimited garden design possibilities.

GardenSoxx patented mesh is engineered to provide optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system, and a more productive garden.

Designed and Tested with Compost

GardenSoxx were invented by an agronomist and were designed and tested using compost as the growing media. We recommend filling GardenSoxx with a high-quality, locally-made bagged/bulk compost from 100% composted green waste. Compost is extremely nutrient-rich and naturally disease-resistant, and acts like a natural sponge to absorb a huge volume of water.

Small space. Big harvest.

With GardenSoxx you can fit more plants per square foot than you can with traditional gardening. Use Square Foot Gardening plant spacing rules.

Flexible garden design options

GardenSoxx can be placed anywhere to grow a thriving garden. Use them on a sloped yard, a patio or driveway, rooftop, or even on asphalt. Create a row or plot, a tidy potager herb garden, or an elaborate custom garden design layout.