The Midview Schools of Ohio Explore Different Uses for GardenSoxx®

In 2009, GardenSoxx® and the Midview Schools of Ohio came together to offer students and staff a way to connect through various gardening projects on three of their school campuses.

At Midview West Elementary, a garden was set up to serve as an “Outdoor Science Lab” for grade 3 and 4 students and their teachers.

Placed outside of the classroom windows, this garden was filled with native plants that attract pollinators allowing the students to learn about and study the local biodiversity. Having the garden on-site enables young students to go outside to collect data on various plant, animal and insect life, and then quickly return to the classroom to discuss their observations. This garden is expected to benefit over 325 students in only its first year, and can be used over a span of several years to benefit an even larger number of students over time.

At Midview Middle School and High School, students were encouraged to create a garden using GardenSoxx®, and enjoyed working as a team to bring the project to life. One garden was filled with native flowering plants to attract local pollinators and beautify a section of the school campus. Another garden was filled with vegetables and herbs, to be maintained and harvested by students and shared among themselves and the school staff.

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