GardenSoxx® Kit

GardenSoxx® is an innovative fabric planter gardening system with full irrigation.  GardenSoxx® mesh provides optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system and a more productive garden.

*For Large Scale Projects or Commercial Growers, please see GardenSoxx® for Commercial Use.

Beneficial Qualities of GardenSoxx®

  • Flexible, Strong and Breathable
  • Low-Maintenance: Simply Attach Your Garden Hose for Full Irrigation
  • Fully Customizable & Transportable if you need to move your garden
  • Promotes Healthy Plant Growth & Creates Suitable Growing Conditions
  • Garden Anywhere! Limited Space, No Workable Soil? No Problem.
  • No Weeding, No Digging.

What’s Included with Your GardenSoxx® Kit

  • (1) 4' x 4' kit - (25ft Length Roll), OR 4' x 8 Kit (50ft Length Roll) 8 inch diameter GardenSoxx®
  • (1) Drip Tape (irrigation hose), (1) EZ Filler
  • (1) Pressure Regulator, (3) T-Fittings, (1) Elbow Fitting, (1) Hose Connector

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Garden Irrigation Kit

Optimum Growing For Increased Plant Health & Yields

Increased Plant Health
Using GardenSoxx with a high quality organic compost greatly reduces the possibility of pathogens and diseases that can affect plants.

Optimal AirFlow And Drainage
GardenSoxx® ensures a vibrant flow of oxygen, creating an ideal environment that prevents root saturation in stagnant water. This continous oxygenation keeps the roots thriving, free from anaerobic conditions, for healthier plant development.

Retains soil moisture
This means less watering and healthier soil. Works exceptionally well for those who struggle with dry areas.

Bad soil? No Soil? No problem!
GardenSoxx® keeps everything self contained ensuring your plants are not affected by external conditions or limitations.

A Fully Irrigated Garden In As Little As 30 Minutes

Super Fast & Easy Setup
Get a flourishing garden in as a little as 30 minutes with our easy-to-use-kit.

Irrigate Like a Pro: Effortless Watering At The Turn Of A Dial
Simply attach your garden hose to the irrigation system included in the kit. Turn on the hose for 1-2 Minutes. (1 Minute for 4x4 Kits | 2 Minutes For 4x8 Kits)

No Digging & No Weeding Hassle-Free Gardening Anywhere
Forget about the hard work! With no digging or heavy lifting required, GardenSoxx® are perfect for space-constrained gardeners or those seeking a stress-free gardening experience. Ideal for both beginners and seasoned garden enthusiasts.

Accessible Gardening Without The Labor
Designed for ease and comfort, making it perfect for individuals with mobility concerns or those aiming for a low-stress gardening experience.

Revolutionary Container Gardening
Leave behind the days of multiple pots. GardenSoxx® offers a unique, flexible approach to gardening that's simple for beginners and enriching for seasoned gardeners.

Endless Possibilities for Garden Design Inspiration

Endless Possibilities for Garden Design Inspiration
Unlock Your Landscaping Potential: With GardenSoxx®, transform any space into a breathtaking landscape effortlessly. Our solution eliminates the hard work, extensive planning, and high costs usually associated with decorative landscaping. Let your creativity flourish with designs that capture attention and admiration.

Limitless Customization of Your Garden
GardenSoxx® invites everyone to enjoy the beauty of gardening, no matter their space limitations. Achieve stunning garden aesthetics anywhere, effortlessly. Its versatility extends from balconies to patios, enhancing any area with ease and elegance.

Shape Your Dream Garden
GardenSoxx® offers unmatched flexibility in garden design. Whether you envision long, winding paths or unique geometric shapes, our system adapts to your vision. Easily movable, it allows for endless reinvention of your space, ensuring your garden remains as dynamic as your imagination.

GardenSoxx® offers creative potential to both novice and experienced gardeners, encouraging them to explore and realize their landscaping dreams.

What Customers Are Saying About GardenSoxx®

Great Purchase

Joyce Johnson
February 19th, 2021 |  Boydton VA

We grew collards and cabbage in our socks. They did great. With all the wet weather we are having we put one of them against the chicken tractor to keep the rain run off from making the run muddy. It worked very well. Will get more this year.

Highly Recommend

Donette Hohensee
June 8th, 2022 |  San Diego CA

Just completed our new greenhouse! After extensive research, the GardenSoxx had everything we were looking for in growing methods on a raised bench. The installation process for both filling the bags and the irrigation system were easily accomplished. The company is outstanding to work with! I highly recommend this product.

Excellent Yield

February 18, 2021 |  Vadnais Heights MN

I received my Garden Soxx in the spring of 2020. I filled a couple segments of them with compost and potting soil. The tomatoes I planted in them had great yields, compared to a tomato that I potted and two that I planted in my garden soil. I planted 6 zucchini from seeds and they also did quite well. The herbs and lettuce were outstanding. I will definitely be using these again next year.