gardensoxx fabric planting grow bag

How It Works

Fast Setup & Low Maintenance

Easily setup GardenSoxx® on any area of your choosing.

GardenSoxx® are flexible to even wrap around tight corners and can accomodate almost any layout.

GardenSoxx® virtually eliminates any limitations due to: sloping landscapes, soil conditions, no soil, rocky areas, decks or pavement.

Fill the socks with high quality organic soil or compost, plant, and connect your water hose.

Get The Right GardenSoxx® For Your Project

Big or small. Professional Grower or Black Thumb, GardenSoxx® has you covered.

  • GardenSoxx® Kits

    Everything you need for the fastest and lowest maintenance garden you will ever have. Comes complete with GardenSoxx®, EZ Filler and Full Irrigation Kit. Just plug in your garden hose and grow!

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  • Larger Commercial Projects

    GardenSoxx® caters to large scale professional and commercial growers. They are also used for Municipality Urban Farming, Landscapers, Florists, City Beautification and a whole lot more...

    See GardenSoxx® For Larger Projects