A Fun Learning Experience!

Several educators have enjoyed introducing the GardenSoxx® into their curriculum

GardenSoxx® has partnered up with schools, learning centers, YMCA and other organizations with some educational and fun gardening projects that was a hit with the kids!

Enjoy a Rewarding Agri-Learning Journey With Your Students Using GardenSoxx®!

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YMCA using GardenSoxx®

French Creek Family Branch YMCA in Avon, Ohio

In the summer of 2013, GardenSoxx® participated in a “Color Up Your Plate” gardening project at the French Creek Family Branch YMCA in Avon, Ohio.

The goal of the project was to encourage healthy eating among the families that attend the YMCA and provide them with an on-site garden that will give them access to a variety of colorful, fresh produce.

Midview Elementary School

Midview West Elementary School in Grafton, Ohio

In 2009, GardenSoxx® and the Midview Schools of Ohio came together to offer students and staff a way to connect through various gardening projects on three of their school campuses.

At Midview West Elementary, a garden was set up to serve as an “Outdoor Science Lab” for grade 3 and 4 students and their teachers.

Placed outside of the classroom windows, this garden was filled with native plants that attract pollinators allowing the students to learn about and study the local biodiversity.

Southern Illinois University

SIUE, Edwardsville Illinois

SIUE - Spring Rooftop Research Garden

As research continues at the SIUE rooftop garden in Spring 2016, the garden is found to be flourishing, with more plant varieties added to help expand the growing media research.

Students are enjoying the process of being able to harvest vegetables directly on campus and are making headway in recording important results that will contribute to their research studies.