GardenSoxx® Has Been Featured In...

The GardenSoxx® fabric planting container has been featured in a well known award winning documentary, plant shows, in the news, winner of The Green Thumb Award, and a variety of other places...

The Need To Grow Movie

Rosario Dawson's award-winning documentary The Need To Grow offers hope and solutions in a dire time for our planet and civilization.

"In a race against the end of farmable soil, three individuals fight for change in the industry of agricultural food production, calling for a revolution."

The Need to Grow delivers alarming evidence on the importance of healthy soil — revealing not only the potential of localized food production working with nature, but our opportunity as individuals to help regenerate our planet’s dying soils and participate in the restoration of the Earth.


GardenGirl TV

GardenGirl TV features home gardening and organic lifestyle videos including gardening tips, raised bed gardening, organic gardening, container gardening and more.

In 2007, Moreno filmed the first season of Garden Girl TV. She has since made over 200 videos, and released two feature-length gardening DVDs – Square Foot Gardening (2010) and Urban Sustainable Living (2008). Patti is currently shooting the first season of a new TV series Gardening By Cuisine (2012), producing videos for and, and she is writing a book on urban sustainable living to accompany the series.


GardenSmart TV

GardenSMART is a Unique, exciting, informative television gardening program broadcast on local Public Broadcasting stations (PBS) and Create TV throughout the United States.

GardenSMART is never behind a potting bench. Each week GardenSMART features an expert horticulturist from fantastic garden locations who shares their knowledge and gardening experiences which provides our audience a wide range of practical, helpful advice. GardenSMART is a "hands in the dirt" experience. Topics addressed each week are varied, timely and cutting edge.


National Garden Bureau: Green Thumb Award Winner 2022

The Green Thumb Award is an annual competition for plants and products that are innovative and unique and that bring a new element to the garden.

Winners of the 2023 Green Thumb Awards were chosen by an independent panel of National Garden Bureau members who are garden writers, breeders, retailers, brokers, and growers. The winning products were selected based on their uniqueness, technological innovation, ability to solve a gardening problem or provide a gardening opportunity, and potential appeal to gardeners. The Green Thumb Awards recognize outstanding new garden products available by mail or online. The awards are sponsored by the National Garden Bureau (NGB), a nonprofit organization that exists to educate and inspire home gardeners.


The Orange County Register

Urban farm helps urban school get its fresh on - The Orange County Register

"...The urban farm company has helped the hight school build and expand its minifarm, the only one of its kind on a high school campus in Southern California. This week, the school added a GardenSoxx system, which differs from a hydroponic vertical farm in that it is flat and built over man-made services such as concrete..."


Cleveland families get organic garden starters

..."CLEVELAND, Ohio -- On a recent Saturday, from 8 am. until noon, volunteers pitched in to help 42 families in Cleveland's Buckeye, Larchmere and Woodland Hills neighborhoods establish organic vegetable gardens in the families' yards..." "...When everybody was set to go, volunteers loaded trucks with close to 350 GardenSoxx and fanned out across the neighborhoods to deliver them..."


PA PennLive Patriot News

10 gift ideas for the gardener on your holiday shopping list | George Weigel

..."The National Garden Bureau gave GardenSoxx its Green Thumb Award as the best new gardening product of 2022."... "...This product is a tubular polypropylene bag that you stretch out, fill with planting mix, and plant into cut holes. It’s portable, highly “breathable” for plant roots, ideal for gardeners with limited space, and can be emptied, folded up, and reused for years..."


Send2Press Newswire

Alegria Fresh, Orange County Produce and Filtrexx Corporation launch the 'Farm of the Future' at the Great Park in Irvine

"...California Secretary of Agriculture where he served from 2003 to 2010 and is actively involved in developing policy in the areas of education, hunger and nutrition. He serves as the co-chair of Solutions From the Land, a United Nations Foundation project that is developing a sustainable roadmap for 21st century agricultural systems..." "...GardenSoxx system uses locally made, annually renewable, bio-based, recycled compost and other organic materials, contained by the company's Made in USA..."