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Help Others Enjoy an Epic Gardening Experience While Earning 10% Commission on Every Order!

We were so delighted at the amazing word of mouth we have received from customers referring to friends and family.

With that said, we decided we not only wanted to build an affiliate program to promote GardenSoxx®, but a large factor was also to find a way to actively show our appreciation to all our customers who have referred friends and family through word of mouth!

What better way than to offer commission to not only our affiliates but to our customers!

We would like everyone to have the opportunity to Grow with us, big or small. Store owner? Influencer? Website Owner? Not an influencer? Not a website owner? Someone looking for a passive income? No problem. All are welcome to Grow with us!

It's so easy to get started, anyone can do it!

With GardenSoxx® simply earn by sharing your referral link. When a verified purchase is made and tracked through your referral link, they get a discount & you get paid!

Paid Commission Rewards

Earn 10% Commission On Every Order You Refer!

Earning with GardenSoxx® is easy. Simply fill out the form further down below, and get your referral link instantly.

Here is the 10% commission breakdown based on which products customers order. When a customer orders multiple units within the same order, you get 10% commission on the entire order.

GardenSoxx® Kits Price w/10% Discount Commission Rate You Get
4x4 Kit $62.95 10% $6.29
4x8 Kit $98.95 10% $9.89
GardenSoxx® Commercial Rolls Price w/10% Discount Commission Rate You Get
8" inch Diameter - 100ft Roll $109.80 10% $10.98
5" inch Diameter - 250ft Roll $215.10 10% $21.51
8" inch Diameter - 500ft Roll $460.80 10% $46.08
12" inch Diameter - 100ft Roll $117.90 10% $11.79
12" inch Diameter - 500ft Roll $490.50 10% $49.05
*All Prices and Commissions are displayed in USD. (Canadian referred Orders will factor in current CAD exchange rates) |   Commission of 10% On Total Order Value

It Gets Better!

The people you refer will get a 10% discount PLUS you get 10% Commission on the entire order. Not just one item, but on all the items they ordered!

Example Commission Payout of an Order containing Multiple Items:

If a customer places a verified order for a GardenSoxx® 4x4 Kit and a 5" inch Diameter - 250ft Roll

You Get: $27.80

*Example shown in USD, CAD exchange rates apply for Canadian orders.

Easily Check Your Earnings

Earnings Reports Are Updated Every 24 Hours

This referral rewards program is powered by ReferralCandy.

Easily access your earning reports to see how you are doing. Payouts are confirmed to be deposited to you 35 days after the order was placed.

Our referral program pays out commissions directly into your PayPal account.

ReferralCandy Pays Out Commissions Via PayPal.
*A PayPal account is required to be able to receive your cash rewards.

**Even if you don't have a PayPal account yet. It will not stop you from obtaining your shareable link and being able to promote right away.

Ready To Start Earning? Get Your Referral Link Instantly!

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Affiliate / Referral Program FAQ

Rules, Resources & Helpful Tips to Help You Earn

Anyone and Everyone who is of legal adult age and resides in the United States or Canada is eligible.

Unfortunately, we do not accept applicants from the EU at the current time but will let you know when we do in the future!

Yes! However, certain conditions apply:

If you are a private individual sending out emails to your personal contacts that is perfectly fine. So go right ahead!

If you fall into one of these categories:
Companies, Organizations, Influencers, Affiliate Marketers and similar entities with audiences and subscribers.

Email marketing to your subscriber list and/or followers is permitted provided that you are in compliance with internet rules concerning emails.

In which case, email compliant organizations who adhere to the ethics, rules & guidelines are permitted to earn commission rewards from your email subscriber lists if you are sending emails with your referral link inside them.

These emails must be in compliance with your email service provider(s) and any other internet laws concerning emails.

They must also adhere to the Terms & Conditions of the referral program regarding promoting the GardenSoxx® brand or products within the content of those emails being sent.

Also, while it is sometimes difficult to know the location of your email subscribers, please be advised that only orders within the USA and Canada are able to be processed. If possible, try to avoid sending emails containing your referral link to recipients who reside outside of the contiguous USA and Canada if you are able to.

What is not permitted via Email:
Any Spam (such as manual or automated filling out of webforms/contact forms -- which send emails to recipients with your referral link), Questionable Email Practices, Non-Opt-In Cold Emails, or other email violations. Any individual or organization found in violation of these Terms will result in an
immediate ban from the program and all commissions immediately voided.

In extreme cases, any damages incurred to the GardenSoxx® brand and/or its reputation as a result of this may incur further investigation which can lead to legal action against the individual or organization found breaching these terms.

Example of this could be: Sending referral links via purchased mailing lists not obtained via legal/ethical opt-ins by your organization, will result in an immediate and permanent ban and all commissions voided plus an investigation based on the severity of the findings.

If fraud is discovered regarding email marketing. Further investigations may be pending to assess damages to the integrity of the referral program & the GardenSoxx® brand.

When Commission Rewards are Applicable

On every order generated by your referral link that has cleared a 35 day verification period.
Orders that are verified and have cleared the 35 day verification period will be cleared for issuing your commission payout.

When Commission Rewards are not Applicable

GardenSoxx® offers a 30-day money back guarantee on several products to ensure customer satisfaction.

This 30-day window (plus average transit and processing time) accounts for the 35 days required to clear the order so valid commissions can be deposited into your PayPal account. These will be paid out from our rewards platform: ReferralCandy.

The "Why 35 Days" for Transparency Purposes:
The reason for this 35 day period is to prevent potentially fraudulent orders from being generated and canceled within the 30-day money back guarantee period in order to earn compensation from the referral program.

You must have a Paypal account to receive payment for your commissions. This is due to our referral processor who does payouts exclusively through PayPal at this time.

If you already have a PayPal account then great, you're all set.

If not, not to worry! You can still start promoting right away!

Obtaining your referral link takes less than 1 minute!

With that said, you can get your referral link right away and start promoting, even before you have your PayPal account.

However, you will need your PayPal account to be active by the time your commissions are ready to be paid out.

Getting a PayPal account is easy, and will not stand in the way of you wanting to get started promoting GardenSoxx® right away!

Yes! You may log in via the ReferralCandy portal and easily see the commissions that are coming your way before the 35 day payout period.

This is helpful for affiliates and influencers who want to track and improve their referral performance.

The only time earnings are withheld are due to any fraudulent transactions, violation of the Terms & Conditions, or if an item that was purchased from your referral link was canceled or returned prior to your payout date. (35 day verification window after the order was placed.)

Glad you asked. Our aim is to give you as many tools as possible to help you earn. And we will work with you to help you achieve your earning potential.

Existing Materials
You may use any of the official images and videos on the website and our social media properties for the purposes of promoting GardenSoxx® to earn commission rewards.

As long as you adhere to the Terms and Conditions.

The images, videos and text must be exactly as it appears and not edited in any manner. If you wish to edit a certain image for promotional purposes, permission is required just to ensure it adheres to our quality guidelines. (contact us at - we're pretty flexible!)

Custom requests:

Sometimes you may need something custom to help promote. We will do our best to accomodate you and are able to supply you with materials if you need them. Just send us an email at:

Inquiries of this nature usually have a response time of 24-48 hours during business hours.

Exciting Times!
We are really excited to welcome you aboard to start earning commission rewards.

We are sincerely committed to helping you achieve success with your earning potential, so feel free to ask us for any materials or other assistance and we will be glad to help.

Here are the Terms and Conditions. They are easy to follow providing a great deal of flexibility to promote in many ways so you can reach your earning potential.

However, these Terms & Conditions need to be adhered to in order to ensure the integrity of the GardenSoxx® brand is healthily maintained and represented.

  • Paid Advertising: Such as PPC bidding (Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and similar "pay-per-click" / paid advertising platforms) and so forth is permitted provided that there is no keyword targeting on brand terms, related branded terms or misspellings related to the GardenSoxx® brand. (GardenSox, Garden socks, GardenSoxx, and so forth are prohibited.)

    Most importantly: For paid advertising, the destination URL of the Ad must lead to your property and not directly to the web property.

    Example: You can use paid advertising to your blog where your referral link resides. But you may not insert the referral link as the destination URL for the ad bringing the user directly to the website. (Your link is what does that.)

    You may also not do redirects or meta-refreshes with delays and so forth that automatically redirect your web property URL to your referral link. (see Meta-Refresh/Redirects below)

  • Qualifying Orders: Due to cookie and internet policy GardenSoxx® transactions are only fulfilled for The contiguous USA and Canada. We do not accept ecommerce checkouts outside of the contiguous USA and Canada.

  • Meta-Refresh / Redirects:
    Any URL that refreshes or automatically Redirects to your referral link is not permitted. The link must be clickable in its original form.
    Anchor text is permitted, provided the link itself is exactly the same as the one provided to you.

  • Iframes/Embeds: You may not embed via iframe, embed or other method the web property to display on another domain or web property.

    Embedding publicly available material from 3rd party platforms such as YouTube videos and so forth is permitted. We would ask that you maintain compliance with the rules for any other platforms that allow embeddable content.

  • Accurate Product & Brand Representation: Those involved in the referral program may not misinform, make false claims, misrepresent GardenSoxx® in order to generate referrals. You will need to use the publicly available information found on our website or our social media profiles for product information.

    If you are looking for something a little different that we do not have that is publicly available. You can put in a request at for custom materials.

  • Coupon/Discount Sites: You are not permitted to post your referral links on coupon sites, or discount sites.

  • Domains: Cannot use referral links on parked domains, or domains that are similar to the trademark of GardenSoxx® such as but not limited to: brand similarity, misspellings and so forth such as:,, etc.

  • Referral links cannot be altered in any manner: You may not modify the referral link provided to you by the Referral Platform.

  • Piggybacking / Cannibalization via GardenSoxx® promotional posts/ads: On any paid or organic promotion by GardenSoxx® that allows comments or threads underneath. (such as Facebook Ads or Posts for example), you may not insert your referral link on those posts to "hijack" the GardenSoxx® promotion in order to earn credit from someone clicking on your link in the comments.

    Those found doing so will be immediately banned from the program and all commissions voided.

  • Emailing: You may not use these referral links in spam email lists. If you have double opt-in lists that are compliant with internet law, such as a legitimate subscriber list, then you may use your referral link to your subscribed audiences.
    Fraudulent Use / Misuse of links such as redirected domains with meta-refresh. Link hijacking, and so forth will result in immediate termination of your account and all commissions withheld.

    Please note: Any violation regarding misuse of materials, misrepresentation of the product(s), guidelines, or breach of terms and conditions listed here are subject to immediate ban from the program and all commissions withheld.

    Furthermore to ensure the integrity of the referral program the ban is permanent and cannot be restored at a later date.

    *Terms & Conditions of the referral program are subject to change without notice and will be updated here.

Unfortunately no. Commission is only awarded to those who have referred successful orders by others. Using your own link to obtain a discount or commission from a purchase on the GardenSoxx® website or reseller(s) is prohibited and will be detected real-time and commissions withheld, with an immediate ban from the program.

This includes referring people in the same household, mailing or billing address.

Yes! Absolutely! There are a few ways you can promote offline by sending a friend a link via printable material, or upon special request, we can have scannable QR codes provided to you if you prefer to promote in person!

We are committed to helping you succeed. If you find yourself in a position where you would like to try an unconventional promotional avenue, reach out to us and we will do our best to accommodate what you have in mind.

Some Tips for Offline Promotions

You can promote in your neighborhoods, have gatherings over etc. In your communities, community gardens, etc.

It's even better if you are a GardenSoxx® customer where you can demonstrate the product to your friends & family, and promote it that way if you wish.

Prohibited Offline Promotions
You cannot create printable flyers and distribute them with your code such as but not limited to: sticking them on car windshields, dropping them in residential mailboxes, or any type of unauthorized solicitation. However, you can always ask for permission to engage in offline promotions that are not mentioned here. In your request, please be fully transparent in your offline promotional method and we will do our best to accommodate you.

We will work with you to help you promote if you have any concerns or requests for offline promotion(s) to ensure it adheres to our guidelines.

Permission for this must be upon written request with transparent intention of what you wish to do. Please feel free to reach out at:

No, you will not get banned for asking questions even if it is against the guidelines! So please feel free to reach out if you are unsure!

We realize that for some there is a learning curve, and are enthusiastic about promoting GardenSoxx® but may be unsure about compliance. Don't worry, we'll help guide you!

We are committed to provide you with any resource(s) or advice to help you earn.

Not at all. Participation is 100% Free and open to everyone. Whether you are an existing customer or not. You can simply fill out the form, get your referral link and promote right away!

Possibly Yes!

Influencers with over 5k audience, or website blog owners and so forth who have good traffic numbers may get special perks.

Send us your social media or website information and we will take a look. We will get back to you and see what we can do to send you some extra perks your way!

We are committed to helping you earn.

These are examined on a case by case basis and we'll take good care of you. Send us info at We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

When someone makes a verified purchase within 30 days of clicking your link, you will earn commissions, after the 35 day verification period.

Consider this as somewhat similar behavior to "cookie duration".

The platform keeps track of everything so you will never have to "update" your links. It will simply set a 30 day window automatically.

If you find anyone in engaging spam or other violation of the Terms & Conditions please report it to