Cleveland Browns Volunteer at the Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone for the Family Garden Initiative

In 2013, members of the Cleveland Browns rookie class and NFL team showed up for their community by volunteering their time to edge and mulch the Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone at Kinsman Road. The volunteers also helped to fill and distribute GardenSoxx® gardens to ten low-income families through the Family Garden Initiative.

Because many of the team members are local residents, this initiative hit close to home for them, giving them a sense of pride in knowing that they were helping families in their very own community. Eligible families received a self-contained GardenSoxx® vegetable garden, complete with planted seedlings and a watering can.

The goal of this initiative is to encourage the consumption of fresh and nutritious food among those who may have a hard time fitting fresh produce into their budget. Even residents with no previous gardening experience will appreciate the fact that GardenSoxx® are extremely easy to use and maintain, with absolutely no weeding required. A GardenSoxx® garden is ideal for getting the whole family involved in the process of growing food, as even kids will enjoy getting outside to water the plants, watch them grow, and pick an abundant harvest.

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