Agri-Learning with GardenSoxx® at LCCC - Lorain County Community College Children's Learning Center

On June 15, 2010, GardenSoxx® paired up with the Lorain County Community College Children’s Learning Center (LCCC) to install a vegetable garden for their young students. This grant-funded project encouraged students to participate in building the garden, giving them a sense of teamwork and pride in seeing this project through to completion.

There were approximately 75 students participating in this project, ranging from 4-8 years old. As the students put the garden together, they also learned about the plant life cycle and were introduced to a variety of herbs and vegetables that contribute to a nutritious diet. Throughout the growing season, the students are learning to care for, maintain and harvest the produce provided by the garden. The harvested produce is then used as snacks for the students, encouraging them to expand their palate and incorporate more nutrition into their daily diets.

A garden is a unique and engaging setting to teach subjects across the curriculum, and promotes activities that contribute significantly to a child’s mental, physical, and social development. The GardenSoxx® garden will provide a productive outdoor classroom where a healthy lifestyle can be taught and practiced. In addition to the hands-on lessons that the garden provides, the teaching staff at the Children’s Learning Center will design and implement a “Healthy Me” curriculum centered on gardening, nutrition, and physical activity.

Children will learn where their food comes from and be motivated to try new fruits and vegetables. Additionally, the movement involved in gardening contributes to physical fitness and the development of fine motor skills.

The garden project will also have the added benefit of providing LCCC education students with an exemplary model for teaching economics, health, and science to young children.

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