Planting 200 Strawberries in 8 Minutes

While this timelapse video is sped up, the actual time it took to plant these 200 strawberry plugs was a mere 8 minutes! The GardenSoxx® growing system makes planting quick and easy, even when done on a larger scale. Furthermore, this innovative and easy-to-use system creates the ideal growing environment for any crop and helps you to maximize space by growing more in a smaller area.

GardenSoxx® is an innovative growing system that can be used by any size grower and for just about any type of crop. Because this system reduces the need for weeding and for synthetic inputs, it can save you both time and money whether used in a garden or larger scale growing operation.

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What Are GardenSoxx®?

The Best Container For Growing

GardenSoxx® is an innovative gardening system that combines mesh technology and high-quality growing media. GardenSoxx® mesh provides optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system and a more productive garden.

Also known as "The 30-Minute Garden." Simply...

  1. Fill
  2. Plant
  3. Grow!