Solving Soil Contamination for the Somali-Bantu Community Using GardenSoxx

In May 2010, The Somali-Bantu Community Center in Syracuse, New York partnered with Filtrexx and a local landowner to bring the Jubilee Urban Farm project to life using GardenSoxx®. The vacant lot used for the project combined an open, sunny space with 3 large silver maples, creating an ideal garden space with an opportunity for communal gathering.

Due to an ongoing problem of contaminated soils throughout the entire city, GardenSoxx® offer the perfect solution for growing high-quality organic produce as they sit above the ground surface and are self-contained with organic compost. The cost of GardenSoxx® is far lower than the estimated cost of building and filling raised beds, not to mention the ongoing yearly maintenance that option would require.

Individuals from the Somali-Bantu community came together to assemble the garden using over 250 GardenSoxx®, and filling them with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and herb plants.

182 individuals are caring for and benefitting from the garden. Already, other residents of the community have taken notice and hope the garden can serve as a catalyst to spur change in the area.

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What Are GardenSoxx®?

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GardenSoxx® is an innovative gardening system that combines mesh technology and high-quality growing media. GardenSoxx® mesh provides optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system and a more productive garden.

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