A Cleveland Food Bank's Simple Solution for Self-Reliance Using GardenSoxx

In May 2012, The Cleveland Foodbank created a community garden using GardenSoxx® to provide their members with fresh, locally grown organic produce. With over 50 volunteers and two groups of high-school students participating in the build throughout the day, two large gardens were created using GardenSoxx® and plants donated from Maria Gardens, a local garden center.

One garden was laid out in rows and featured a variety of crops such as tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, spinach and more. The second garden was styled in the shape of the Cleveland Food Bank logo, a simple thing to do using GardenSoxx® because of their incredible versatility! This garden was filled with a colorful range of annual flowers and ornamentals, helping to attract pollinators and other local biodiversity.

The garden was shown to be an immense success, producing an abundant harvest for the many families and member agencies that are serviced by the Cleveland Food Bank.

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What Are GardenSoxx®?

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GardenSoxx® is an innovative gardening system that combines mesh technology and high-quality growing media. GardenSoxx® mesh provides optimum drainage, aeration, and temperature to grow a healthier root system and a more productive garden.

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