Grown as an annual in most regions, Coleus is known for its brightly colored foliage and is often used between flowering plants to add various colors and textures to a landscape. While the plants are popular for their leaves, they actually do produce flowers much later in the summer season, when days begin to shorten, signaling the arrival of fall. Although it is in the same family as mint and is sometimes used for medicinal purposes, it is not advised to consume the common coleus plants sold in nurseries as they do contain a toxin that can cause digestive upset.

With over 600 species and a wide range of color combinations available, coleus makes a unique addition to the home garden. They are adaptable plants that grow well in most climates and can even be brought indoors as a houseplant.

how to grow coleus

Growing Coleus in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Lamiaceae


How to Grow Coleus in Your GardenSoxx®

Growing Coleus from seed can add a fun aspect of surprise to your gardening, as there can be a variety of foliage color combinations that grow from one single seed packet. You also have the option of purchasing established seedlings from a garden center to transplant into your GardenSoxx for a quicker setup. For best results, place coleus plants in an area of the garden that receives full sun or dappled shade.

To keep your coleus plants growing bushier and lasting into fall, pinch back the first few sets of leaves often. This will allow the foliage to fill out more densely, and will prevent the plant from going to seed, extending its life.

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