Not your typical garden herb, Mustard can be a unique and interesting addition to your garden. While the popular condiment associated with this plant is made from its spicy seeds, the leafy greens that it produces are delicious and peppery and can be used to add flavor to salads, sautees, and spreads, like pesto.

The greens are also highly nutritious, with a high content of vitamin K, Vitamin C, and folate, in addition to their high fiber content. Cooler weather is especially kind to mustard greens, and their flavor can actually improve once the temperatures go down.

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Growing mustard in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Brassicaceae


Nutritional Information For Mustard

Nutritional Facts - per 100/g

Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 27 -
Total Fat 0.4 g -
Sodium 20 mg -
Potassium 384 mg -
Dietary Fiber 3.2 g -
Sugar 1.3 g -
Protein 2.9 g -
Vitamin C - 116%
Iron - 8%
Vitamin B6 - 10%
Magnesium - 8%
Calcium - 11%


How to Grow Mustard in Your GardenSoxx®

Mustard grows well in cooler weather and is ideal for an early spring or fall harvest. For a spring harvest, seeds can be sown as soon as the ground is thawed and should produce a harvest in about 6 weeks. Sowing seeds again in August will provide you with a fall harvest. Plant mustard in moist, rich soil that is slightly acidic with a pH around 6. Seeds can be planted about half an inch deep and 5-6 inches apart for best results.

Mustard Seed to Harvest Time:  6 Weeks

mustard planting guide

How to Harvest Mustard


When to harvest mustard depends on your taste - harvest early for tender microgreens, or allow foliage to grow a bit bigger for a spicier green ideal for a sautee. Harvesting the greens often will allow the plant to keep producing throughout the season and will delay it from bolting and setting out its characteristic bright yellow flowers.


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