While the Begonia is native to tropical and sub-tropical regions in America and Asia, it has become a popular annual in many growing zones worldwide as it tends to grow rather easily and has a long blooming season. Begonias add a visual fullness to gardens with their succulent-like foliage and vibrant, colorful blooms that range from white to various shades of red, orange, yellow and more.

While not commonly known for their culinary uses, begonias are actually related to the cucurbit plant family and are completely edible with a citrusy flavor. Their known medicinal uses include treating burns, toothaches and ailments related to the kidneys. The flower is a symbol of good communication, balance and overcoming hardships - it is often given as a gift between individuals looking to strengthen a bond of friendship.

how to grow begonias

Growing Begonias in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Begoniaceae (Lower classification of Curcurbitaceae)


How to Grow Begonias in Your GardenSoxx®

Because Begonia seeds are among the smallest flower seeds in existence, we recommend planting already established seedlings as they are much easier to handle. Begonias are readily available at any garden nursery at the beginning of the growing season as they are a popular and simple addition to any annual garden and grow well in both sun and shade.

Begonias will fill out nicely in your GardenSoxx® with their bright blooms and hardy foliage, providing you with flowers to enjoy all growing season and well into the fall.

While begonias do make beautiful cut flowers for arrangements, certain varieties can also be potted and brought indoors to enjoy over the winter as a colorful houseplant.

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