An excellent choice for novice gardeners, the Nasturtium is easy to grow and does well in just about any condition. While in some regions this flower is considered an invasive species, organic gardeners appreciate it for its ability to deter pests from their garden crops. In addition to their pretty colors and companion-plant qualities, Nasturtiums are edible and medicinal as well. The peppery taste of the leaves is reminiscent of arugula and while the flowers have a sweet flavor, they produce seeds with a mustard-like bite.

The plant is an excellent source of vitamin C and can be used to help fight infections because of its anti-viral qualities. Made into a strong tea, it offers relief from colds, sinus congestion and other respiratory ailments.

how to grow nasturtium

Growing Nasturtium in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Tropaeolaceae


How to Grow Nasturtium in Your GardenSoxx®

Nasturtiums are easily grown from seed which will usually germinate in about 10 days. They are treated as annual flowers in most growing zones but can return as a perennial in some warmer climates. Planting them near your vegetable crops or as part of your herb garden will allow you to reap the benefits of their pest-control properties.

As they grow, pinch off early leaf sets to allow the plant to branch out and spread as it gains more height. Deadheading flowers will encourage more blooms throughout the growing season.


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