Perhaps one of the most distinctive-tasting herbs in the garden, mint comes in hundreds of different varieties and is a perennial herb that grows easily in most growing zones.

From spearmint to peppermint, and even the more unique ginger mint or chocolate mint - there is sure to be a mint variety that suits your culinary taste. Mint is known for its fresh flavor and its ability to soothe stomach upset and relieve indigestion. It also helps to freshen your breath and boost the immune system.

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Growing mint in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Lamiaceae


Nutritional Information For Mint

Nutritional Facts - per 100/g

Nutrient Amount % Daily Value
Calories 70 -
Total Fat 0.9 g -
Sodium 31 mg -
Potassium 569 mg -
Dietary Fiber 8 g -
Protein 3.8 g -
Vitamin C - 52%
Iron - 28%
Vitamin B6 - 5%
Magnesium - 20%
Calcium - 24%


How to Grow Mint in Your GardenSoxx®

While mint is an excellent addition to your garden, you should know that it can be rather invasive and must be contained to avoid it from spreading. GardenSoxx® makes this easy, as you can dedicate one of your GardenSoxx® to only mint, and have it come back year after year without taking over the rest of your garden. It grows well in full sun but can benefit from partial shade in areas where the temperature gets very hot in the afternoon. Seeds can be started indoors about 10 weeks from the final spring frost.

Mint Seed to Harvest Time:  80 - 90 days

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How to Harvest Mint

Cut stems toward the bottom, leaving one or two sets of leaves above the soil. This will allow plants to grow thicker, putting out new shoots of leaves throughout the season. Once plants begin to bolt, you can still harvest the mint and should do so before the flowers open to prevent the mint seeds from spreading throughout your garden.


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