While the name Geranium evokes an image of a very specific and common type of flowering plant, what we call Geraniums are actually Pelargoniums. The confusion began between the 17th and 18th centuries when the plant was imported to Europe from South Africa and thought to resemble a perennial native that was popular in Europe at the time. The misnomer actually stuck and is still the name we use today for most Pelargonium species.

Available in various colors and types, geraniums are a popular garden staple for the home landscape as their flowers bloom constantly throughout the growing season and will last right up until the first frost. Some varieties of Geranium are edible with a lemon-leaning flavor and work well in baking or as a salad garnish.

how to grow geraniums

Growing Geraniums in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Geraniaceae


How to Grow Geraniums in Your GardenSoxx®

While Geraniums can be grown from seed, they do take a good amount of time to bloom - as much as 15 weeks. If you are growing them from seed, it is best to start them indoors early in the year so they can be established before transplanting into your GardenSoxx. Most garden centers will have established seedlings ready to go in early spring, if you prefer a more convenient option.

Deadheading the first few Geranium blooms produced by your plant will encourage it to branch off and bloom more prolifically throughout the season. Cuttings can be taken at the end of the growing season to propagate and care for indoors over winter.

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