A widely popular annual flower for borders and beds, Impatiens are among the most common choices for the home landscape. They come in a wide range of colors and are quite easy to grow as they do not require any dead-heading. Another common name for the Impatien is “Touch-Me-Not” which references the way their seed pods will burst and release seeds if touched once they are mature.

While they are mostly considered to be toxic and should not be ingested, certain varieties known as jewelweed are used medicinally to treat insect stings. Their colorful petals have been used in various cultures as a hair dye or nail polish pigment.

how to grow impatiens

Growing Impatiens in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Balsaminaceae


How to Grow Impatiens in Your GardenSoxx®

Impatiens can be very slow to bloom when grown from seed and must be started indoors at least 2 months before the final spring frost. Established seedlings are readily available at most garden centers in early spring and are much more convenient. Impatiens will grow taller when planted close together and will grow more bushy if spaced further apart. Either way, the plant fills out quite nicely and is an excellent choice for borders or flower beds.

Because they thrive in heat, impatiens should only be planted well after the risk of frost has passed and can be placed in a sunny or shaded spot of the garden. They are not recommended to be used as cut flowers as they will wilt rather quickly once their stem is cut.

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