Well known for its healing and medicinal properties, Salvia is also a popular favorite for pollinator gardens, drawing in bees and hummingbirds and deterring larger critters like rabbits or deer. The plant is native to a range of regions including Central America and the Mediterranean. Due to its perennial and hardy nature, salvia is now widely grown around the world in ornamental and medicinal gardens.

Medicinally, this plant has been used to help relieve body pain and inflammation, as well as to help fight bacterial and viral infections. It has also been traditionally used by certain cultures to ward off evil and help bring in more positive and protective energy.

how to grow salvia

Growing Salvia in GardenSoxx® | Plant Family: Lamiaceae


How to Grow Salvia in Your GardenSoxx®

Salvia seeds can be sown directly into the soil or established seedlings can be planted to speed up the process. Place the plant in an area that receives full sun, and that has space for the plant to spread and grow to its full height of 3 feet.

Flowers can be harvested as they bloom to help keep the plant productive and full. Well-maintained plants will bloom prolifically throughout the entire growing season and will return on their own each year.

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